The Thunder Rolls
They called down the Thunder, tell them they've got it!

Tell them you're coming, and Hell's coming with you.

According to Department of Justice rules that govern the use of polygraphs in law enforcement, some evidence must exist outside of the polygraph results for you to receive formal discipline.  As a victim of ADC abuse of these rules, I offer the following to enlighten you and assist you during the process.
Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam.  Do not allow yourself be scheduled to work, and then go directly to the exam.
oTake all normal medications
Your medications are not the polygrapher’s business.  Your medical privacy is protected by HIPPA.
Arrive early for the exam.
Introduce yourself to the examiner.
oMost likely, the examiner will go into a lengthy discourse of their credentials, designed to impress and intimidate you.
oThe examiner may tell you there is no such finding as “undetermined.”  This is FALSE!
The examiner then will begin questioning you on your past; including incidents you may have been involved in but “caught” at.  There is no "Statute of Limitations!"
oStay on topic.  Admit to nothing from your past that is not germane to the subject of the day’s examination.
oAnything you admit prior to the examination WILL be used against you.  "There is no Statute of Limitations!"
oBe careful, if they have a hint you are withholding information, you can get in BIG TROUBLE!  It is called "being uncooperative,"
You will be asked to help to formulate the questions.  If you cannot remember something, the best question is “Do you remember”, or “ Do you have a memory of..”
oRemember, there must be corroborating evidence to refute your memory if the polygrapher determines you are being deceitful.
There is no charge under 601 for failing a Polygraph.
oOtherwise, ensure the questions are those you feel you can answer truthfully.
Read and know your rights under DO 603.  There are Damn few of them.

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