Missions Statement
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Our mission is to protect the Public Agency Employee from workplace abuses, including but not limited to evaluation and reference to Governmental Intervention remedies, Agency recourse, Professional Association recourse and Union recourse, assistance with responses to preliminary employer initiated inquiries, as well as summary interagency and intraagency actions in recourse, Introduction and support of statutory or local code modifications, external remedies of private and nonagancy mechanisms and referral to supercedent authority in any specific matter as appropriate. 

We affirm that that these protections are the basic tenet of responsible Public Agency Employee Service to the Citizens of the State of Arizona, no matter the Public Service Agency involved, regardless of the Race, Creed, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion, Age, preferences, marital status, or sexual orientation and ensuring compliance of protections established by current statute, code and agency policies.

We strongly support the individual’s Right to express them selves and communicate their concerns without fear of retaliation, their freedoms to pursue Life, Liberties and Happiness to the extent protected by The Constitution and Laws of the United States of America, the State of Arizona applicable county, and municipal laws, and agency policies and directives.

Ultimately our Mission is to ensure that our services are not required to protect the Rights of Public Service Employees.
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