The Thunder

The Thunder is a group of retirees who formed an organization to public employees with problems they encounter on the job, problems their chains of command have been unable or unwilling we help them with.

During the past two years, The Thunder has represented correctional staff in grievances and investigations, and gone to bat for the many employees with assorted issues, from supervisor mistreatment to RDO issues, and EEO issues.  We do all of this without charge, except for the charges we incur for copies of documents.

We attempt to get the truth out to the readers of this web site,   We maintain communications with wardens, RODS, and the Director towards that end.  At least, we used to, until the Director, in a vindictive move, cut off our access to these people because I refused to bow to his pressure regarding his censorship of our website.  Still, we have our ways of getting things done.

Our goal is for the Arizona Department of Corrections to improve communications, fairness, and safety to the point we no longer feel the need to exist.